Team Profile
Clinical Translation Center of Surgical Infection and Immunity
The Surgical Infection and Immunity Clinical Transformation Center, leveraging the technical and resource advantages of the academician team, has carried out extensive cooperation in the fields of medical care, scientific research, and personnel training to enhance the overall strength and influence of the hospital and provide the people with better quality medical services. In 2018, in cooperation with the team of Academician Li Jieshou, the Center for Intestinal Fistula and Abdominal Infection was established. The scale, number of treatments and success rate of the treatment are in a leading position in the world. In May 2019, Zhong Nanshan National Respiratory Disease Clinical Medicine Research Center was unveiled as a demonstration base for visualized smart medical care. In June 2019, the academician Lu Daopei workstation was unveiled, and the laboratory was built and put into use in cooperation with the academician Lu Daopei team.